Prodigypreneurs Academy

Prodigypreneurs Academy

Prodigypreneurs Academy
From $3,000.00
Per semester

"Prodigypreneurs Academy" is an innovative and comprehensive academic program tailored for students in grades K through 5. This academy blends a strong academic foundation with an emphasis on nurturing entrepreneurial and creative thinking skills. The program details include:

  • Program Hours: Runs from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, providing an intensive yet manageable schedule for young learners.
  • Full Academic Curriculum: Offers a complete educational program that covers all core subjects, ensuring a well-rounded academic experience.
  • Individualized Curriculum: Each student receives a tailored learning plan, ensuring that their unique educational needs and learning styles are met.
  • Focus on Critical and Creative Thinking: Emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Family Field Trips: Includes regular field trips that involve family members, integrating real-world learning experiences and strengthening community ties.
  • Tuition: Priced at $3000 per semester, with the option of splitting the cost into 5 monthly installments of $600, making it financially manageable for families.

This program is ideal for young learners who are keen to explore beyond traditional academic boundaries, developing both their intellectual capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit in a supportive and engaging environment.

We are excited to announce a special bundled offer for our valued families! Now, you can enroll your child in both the "Prodigypreneurs Academy" and our "Evening Enrichment" program for a combined total of $4000 per semester. This exclusive package offers a comprehensive educational experience, blending daytime academic learning with enriching evening classes.

To make this more accessible, we also offer the option to pay in 5 monthly installments of $800 each. This unique combination ensures a full spectrum of learning and development opportunities for your child, encompassing academic excellence, creative exploration, and personal growth.

Embrace this opportunity for an all-encompassing educational journey at Coy's Camps and Classes!

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