Discover Excellence in Education and Enrichment in Tucson

Elevate your child's educational journey with Coy's Camps and Classes, the premier destination for enriching experiences in Tucson, Arizona. As a trusted family-owned business, we take pride in providing exceptional services that cater to parents who want their children to excel academically and develop essential ...
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Ignite Your Child's Potential With Enriching Solutions and Events

Are you in search of a dynamic educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary? Coy's Camps and Classes is a beacon of innovation and excellence in Tucson, Arizona. As a beloved family-owned business situated within the bustling Tucson Mall, we redefine education and enrichment with a distinct approach that ...
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Located at Tucson, Arizona

Located conveniently for families seeking after-school programs, our center is a haven for young minds eager to explore and learn. Picture your child immersed in exciting science experiments, participating in interactive math and literacy sessions, or expressing their imagination through hands-on creative writing ...

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Todd Jarvis

Molly and her son have created such an amazing place and service for our community. If you or your kids want to have fun and expand the way they think and approach challenges on the chess board in life, this is the place! Thank you, Molly.


13 Reviews

I play chess in the USCF Rated Chess Tournaments at Coy's Camps and Classes, and it is so much fun. In addition, there are Chess Books and Chess Equipment ...Read more

May 20, 2024
Rick Quesada